Having structural engineers as part of the Fenice design team removes the risk of having conflicts between the design and engineering of projects. When design is completed separately by architect from the engineering by structural engineer it can cause complications and revisions as the one side is not always considered fully as part of the process.

Our construction experts who also fully understand the structural installation process are on hand throughout the design phase to advise on the installation to ensure it is as straight-forward as possible and works within the budget available.

If you’re looking for a structural engineer in Brighton, Sussex or elsewhere in the South East you may be able to save time and money on your whole project with Fenice design & build. Structural engineers and the rest of the pre-construction process are delivered for a fixed price and by removing conflicts we reduce costly delays.

Talk to us about how Fenice Design & Build can deliver your project in Brighton or Sussex, including structural engineering, faster and more efficiently than the traditional process.