Fenice Design & Build - Main Contractors Evolved
Brighton, Sussex and the Southeast

Design and build is an evolution of the traditional construction model of contracting separate architects, engineers and builders. Fenice Deisgn + Build uses this approach with many of our clients to deliver projects faster, at a fixed price and with less stress.

Fixed price

With a design & build project you will receive the drawings for your project and a cost plan within the first four weeks – therefore you know up front that the project is within budget.

Our construction costs are fixed with the technical drawings meaning the only way the budget will increase is if you expand your plans. Our clients are welcome to conduct a competitive tendering process before construction begins to market test our cost.

More control

As well as control over the budget, having a design and build project managed by a main contractor means that from conception through to completion, everything is managed through a single point of contact.

We will coordinate all the required professionals from architects and structural engineers, to contractors and building control – reducing the stress for clients and streamlining the process.

40% Faster

By completing stages of work in parallel, the pre-construction process can typically be delivered 40% faster than the traditional approach.

Having a main contractor complete the pre-construction process ensures any works with long lead times are completed as soon as possible, ensuring there are no delays on site.

Fenice Design + Build is a specialist main contractor working throughout Brighton, Sussex and the Southeast of England. Our professional team has an exceptional reputation for providing work of the highest standard and excellent customer satisfaction.

We offer all the services needed under one roof to manage projects from concept to completion. This includes architectural design, building regulations, planning permission, structural engineering, construction and project management.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help make your dream home a reality.


  • Dedicated and experienced design and build management team, with a single point of contact throughout the whole project
  • Save time by completing stages of work in parallel – the pre-construction process can typically be delivered 40% faster than the traditional approach
  • Cost and feasibility advice before a planning application is submitted
  • Clear and concise pre-construction and construction programmes to ensure projects are completed on time
  • Cost certainty for the approved design and complete peace of mind.

Concept Design

Our experienced design team, including architects, engineers and pre-construction experts, meet with the client to fully understand their ambitions and requirements.

Our team then brings the vision to life through concept drawings, whilst the pre-construction team work in parallel to provide feasibility and cost planning.

Having our knowledgeable team on hand throughout the concept stage ensures the project remains feasible and within budget, so there aren’t any unexpected surprises.

Technical Design

Once planning has been submitted we begin work on the technical drawings for building regulations approval, carrying out all necessary surveys to produce a detailed and accurate design.

The technical design will include all necessary structural calculations and investigation works to ensure construction can begin on site without delay or further work.

40% Faster

The pre-construction process in our Design & Build programme is typically completed in 14 weeks, 40% faster than the traditional construction model.

Planning Permission

Once the client confirms they’re happy with the final design, we prepare all the necessary information for a planning application or certificate of lawfulness through permitted development.

Our team manages the planning process from start to finish, working closely with the local planning department to ensure the application remains on track and any queries or concerns are resolved quickly.

Cost Planning

Using the technical drawings we provide a fixed price, market tested quotation in the form of a detailed schedule of works for client approval.

Our quotation is accompanied by our construction programme, giving our clients the peace of mind that their project will be delivered to a fixed price by a specified date.


Our dedicated Project Manager leads the construction team (including designers and specialist contractors) to make our clients’ dream home a reality.

Fenice Design + Build service meant once we decided on what we wanted to build, we had one point of contact throughout the process. This made communication, decision making and therefore the speed of the programme a lot of more efficient and expedient, reducing the inconvenience of managing a construction project the traditional way.

Early engagement also gave us a detailed understanding of the work required to achieve our ambitions and most importantly an accurate cost.

The result of the Fenice Design + Build process is a finished project that I am sure we would still be talking about in the design stages if we went down the traditional route. When we complete other projects in the future, Design & Build is the only way we will look to manage our construction works.

Emma Hards, Shoreham-by-sea